Delta Controls

GS Automation / Delta Controls

The flexibility of the Delta Controls enteliWEB ™ platform allows GS Automation to scale the hardware and software to fit the size of the site in question. The distributed hardware architecture allows for system expansion as needed.  The enteliWEB ™ software is further scalable and is priced by system I/O requirements, which allows a more affordable solution.


  • Manage integrated HVAC, lighting, access control and other systems with one operator workstation.
  • Alarm management is designed to quickly and efficiently manage alarms for different sites.
  • Dashboards provide simple visual summaries for facility information that allow you to drill down and take action.
  • Mobile view for when you’re on the move –  Standard web technologies allow enteliWEB ™ to be viewed on mobile devices.
  • Manage multiple sites from a single login.  No need to worry about duplicate addresses or networking everything together.  All you need is an IP address for each site.

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The enteliWEB ™ System

What is enteliWEB ™?

enteliWEB ™ is a Web-based, native BACnet application that combines the enterprise dashboard with easy to use facility management tools. Customizable building management dashboards and system reporting tools to effectively maintain their buildings and lower costs.  Task driven alarm management and system dashboards allow operators to quickly visualize and prioritize their work, keeping the facility running comfortably and efficiently.

  • Dashboards
  • Scheduling
  • Audit Log
  • Facility Management 
  • Alarm Management